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How Many Beers in a Growler? Ounces, Pints, Milliliters Capacity Compared

You’ve probably seen a growler or two if you frequent craft breweries. Growlers are large glass, ceramic, or metal bottles that allow you to take your favorite craft beer home to enjoy. How many beers are in a growler? This article will discuss the standard growler sizes and how much each can carry.

How many beers are in a growler? The popular 64 oz-sized growler holds 5 cans (4 pints of beer). The huge 128 oz growler holds 10+ cans (8 pints of beer). And the 32 oz howlers hold just under 3 cans of beer (2 pints). These are based on US pints and can sizes.

how many beers in a growler

How Many Beers in a Growler? Chart

Here’s how many cans, bottles, and pints are in each size growler.

Growler SizeCans of BeerUS PintsBritish Pints
32oz Howler2.721.6
64oz Growler5.343.2
128 oz Growler10.786.4
1 Liter (33.8 oz)
2 Liters (67.6 oz)
Unit of Measure12 oz Can16 oz Pint20 oz Pint
How Many Beers in a Growler? Growler capacity chart: Cans, Pints

Unit of Measure for the above chart includes Cans or Bottles of Beer (12 oz), US Pints of Beer (16 oz), and British Pints of Beer (20 oz).

How Many Ounces in a Growler? 3 Growler Sizes

Growlers come in 3 primary sizes. Here’s how many ounces are in each growler size:

  • 32 ounces (0.894 liters). A similar size, but metric focused is 1 liter (33.81 ounces)
  • 64 ounces (1.89 liters). A similar size, but metric focused is 2 liters (67.63 ounces)
  • 128 ounces (3.79 liters). This common size also equals 1 gallon (3.79 liters)

To properly establish how many beers are in a growler, we need to establish a baseline of how big a normal beer is.

How Big is a Normal Beer?

In North America, a typical beer can or bottle is 12 oz (354 ml). And this is noticeably smaller than a pint.

In the United States, a pint is 16 ounces (473 ml). But a glass of beer at a bar doesn’t t necessarily hold this volume. The beer glass size isn’t regulated in the United States and any size can be used.

Standard Beer Sizes

In the United States, there are basically two standard sizes for beer: Can vs Pint

  • Can (or Bottle) of Beer: 12 oz (354 ml)
  • Pint: 16 oz (473 ml)

As we break down growler capacity, we’ll use both beer sizes.

Learn the difference: Crowler vs Growler

Beer Sizes Abroad: Britain, Canada, Germany

Here’s how pints and beer measure up in other countries.

In Britain, an Imperial pint is 568 ml (20 oz). This has been the legal beer measure for over 320 years (since 1698).

In Canada, Measurement Canada states that a pint is 20 fl oz (568 mL). This doesn’t allow for the foam (head) and glasses or mugs can’t be described as a pint. If you feel that you received less than 20 fl oz (less the allowable limit of error of 0.5 fl oz), then you can file a complaint with the owner, the provincial liquor board, and the federal government.

In Germany, there are two glass sizes. The German word Maß (pronounced mass) describes how much beer is in a regulation mug. Once Maß equals a full liter (1000 ml) – more than double a US Pint. You can order half-liters.

how many beers are in a growler

64oz Growler Capacity

While there is no official standard size for a growler, 64oz (just under 1900 milliliters) is the most common size.

  • Standard Beer Can: Most beer cans and bottles will be 12oz (355ml). This means the average growler can hold over five standard 12oz beers.
  • Compact Beer Can: A less standard beer can size is the compact, portable 8.4oz (248ml) “nip can.” If you measure in nip cans, a 64oz growler can hold slightly over seven nip cans. 
  • Pint Sized: The 16oz (473ml) pint can is famous within the craft beer scene, and four pint-sized cans fit within a 64oz growler. This is also a common size of beer glasses you will receive at a brewery or restaurant.
  • Stove Pipe Can: Over the last few years, the tall, slender “stove pipe can” has proven to be wildly popular with beer enthusiasts, as it holds more beer than a US pint, but still has a sleek, tall form, fitting well in standard-size cup holders. This can hold 19.2 ounces or around 568 milliliters of liquid, and the 64oz growler can hold three stovepipe cans. This is the same size as the standardized British pint, which is also the standard pint size in Canada.

There are also more sizes for bottles than the standard 12oz. Before pint cans took over that market, the 22oz (651ml) “bomber” bottle was the unofficial standard for small-batch beers. A 64oz growler will hold all but three of these.

750ml (25oz) bottles, the same type that usually hold wine, are famous bottles for specialty beers. A 64oz growler holds two of these bottles and half of a third.

If you enjoy higher-ABV brews, you may be familiar with the curvy 8oz (237ml) tulip glass. The 64oz growler can hold eight of these.

If you’ve ever been to a pub in the UK or Europe, you’ve probably had a beer in a 20oz (591ml) “imperial pint.” With a 64oz growler, you can fit three of these tankards.

32oz Howler Capacity

If you’re looking for a more compact way to enjoy the taste of a brewery at home, the 32oz (946ml) half-growler, or “howler,” may be just the thing to suit your needs. As the name suggests, two howlers can fit in a single 64oz growler. How many beers is that, though?

  • A 32oz howler can hold two of your average 12oz cans and most of a third.
  • It can hold three 8.4oz nip cans, exactly two 16oz pint cans, and a single 19.2oz stovepipe can, with a good deal of breathing room. 

In terms of bottles, the 32oz howler can hold almost three 12oz bottles or a single 22oz bomber bottle and nearly half a second.

It can even contain a single 750ml wine-style bottle with room for an extra sip.

If we’re measuring in glasses, the howler can hold two standard pints glasses, a little over one and a half imperial pints, and four tulip glasses.

128oz Growler

If you’re not satisfied with a mere 32oz of your favorite pub’s signature brew or want more than even the hefty 64oz jug can deliver, you’ll need the 128oz (3785ml) growler.

This behemoth beer carrier has twice the capacity of the 64oz growler and 4 times the capacity of the howler. 

  • The 128oz growler can hold ten and two-thirds of your standard 12oz cans or bottles.
  • This translates to about fifteen nip cans, eight 16oz pints, and six stovepipe cans.
  • Just under six bomber bottles or five 750ml wine-style bottles can fit in a 128oz growler.
  • It can also hold up to six imperial pints and sixteen tulip glasses.

FAQ about Growler Capacity

If the measurements aren’t enough to tell you if a growler is the best beer storage for you, these frequently asked questions may help! 

How long can I store beer in a growler? 

A growler will keep beer carbonated and fresh for up to three days. After that, UV light and oxygen begin to break down the bubbles in the liquid. 

There are ways to keep beer fresh in a growler for longer. Here are 12 things to know about keeping beer in a growler.

How do I keep my growler from going flat? 

To keep your beer as fresh as possible for transportation, ensure your growler is well-sealed to keep the carbonation from degrading. 

Do growlers keep beer cold? 

An insulated growler will do well in keeping your beer fresh and refrigerated. Some growlers keep their contents at a sustained temperature for around 24 hours, regardless of insulation.

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how many ounces in a growler

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From the standard-issue 64oz to the lean and mean 32oz howler to the super-sized 128oz growler, each growler promises to deliver fresh-tasting beer for days.

No matter which growler you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite craft beer flavors as fresh as they were on the day you went to the pub.