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About Growlers

Hello! And Welcome to Growlers!

We’re Bryan and Dena Haines. Thanks for checking out our about page! See Bryan’s recent posts.

bryan and dena haines

I had my first craft beer back in 2012 while reviewing a restaurant in Cuenca, Ecuador. At the time, we were running a local travel blog about living and traveling around Ecuador (South America).

The Andean Brewing Company invited us to visit, sample, and share with our readers.

And it was a pretty special experience. I didn’t realize that beer could vary from the mass-produced big beer brands.

my first craft beer

Pictured above are Carrot Cake (left) and Brown (right).

andean brewing company
The menu from my first craft beer experience.

This experience got our interest. And here we are today.

Here’s the background of the site and our recent acquisition of

We have lots of great things planned. I hope you’ll join us!

Here’s how to contact us.