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Growlers Taproom on Hawthorne: Site Acquired by Storyteller Media

Since 2013, Growlers on Hawthorne has been a popular growler fill station in Portland Oregon.

And on June 27, 2022 Growlers was acquired by Storyteller Media. They are the third owners since it was launched in 2013.

growlers net acquired

What’s Next for Growlers? will continue to focus on craft beer. And how to understand, taste, and make great beer.

We plan to build out the resources and set of beer content to help make it one of the best sources of information for zythophiles (beer lovers). To begin, check out our beer glossary.

Growlers Taproom History

Here’s the history of over the years.

Growlers on Hawthorne (2013-2017)

Growlers Hawthorne first opened in 2013 and they held their grand opening on February 4, 2014. It was co-owned by Lucy Park and Jim Hillman.

Growlers was Portland Oregon’s first dedicated, single-purpose growler fill station. 

growlers on hawthorne
Growlers on Hawthorne

And they were located at:

Growlers Hawthorne
3343 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97214

From their about page, back in March 2014.

Welcome to Growlers Hawthorne, Portland’s first dedicated, single purpose growler fill station! We invite you to come enjoy free samples of craft beer, cider, kombucha and more from 48 taps – with gluten-free offerings always available. Pick your favorites, fill your growlers or growlettes and you’re on your way to enjoying the freshest craft beverages available. We are family-owned and proud to be your local neighborhood growler fill station. We are minor friendly, dog friendly, bike friendly, and just plain fun – we look forward to serving you!

Growlers Taproom (2017-2020)

In 2017, Growlers had new ownership. Binh Pham and Joe Rodgers took over and renamed it Growlers Taproom.

In 2018, they opened a second location called Growlers Taproom on 82nd.

Here’s what their website looked like back then.

growlers taproom
Growlers Taproom

The taproom closed down in January 2020. According to the owners, this was due to a dispute with their landlords over serving food and drink on the property.

Here are some great options for Portland breweries. (Present)

In June 2022, we acquired

With this new ownership, Growlers will now become a hub of beer information.

This includes making, tasting, and enjoying the best-brewed beer.

Watch for interviews, hands-on tutorials, and guides for beer lovers. We’ll answer common questions, create resources of beer brands and craft brewers, and list and review gear for making beer at home. will become similar to what we’re building at Enjoy Java for coffee lovers.

We hope you’ll join us along the way. new ownership has new ownership

Is there a topic or angle you would like to see included in a future guide? Let me know in the comments and we’ll do our best to include it.