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18 Best Portland Breweries: Oregon’s Microbrewery Guide

Are you looking for the best breweries in Portland? Here is our hand-picked list of the top Portland breweries. From trendy new spots to vintage joints, Portland has a craft beer for you.

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Guide to Portland’s Best Breweries

So without further ado, here are the best breweries in Portland!

Here are all the details on each brewery, including how to find them and what they’re known for.

1. Breakside Brewery

1570 NW 22nd Ave
Portland, OR 97210

Breakside Brewery is a trendy establishment in Slabtown. It has industrial decor and a rooftop patio with city views, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy American bar food and craft beer. 

The pub-restaurant style sets Breakside apart from other breweries. Enjoy a classic tavern feel while trying hip new dishes and brews. 

Many drinks are exclusive to this Slabtown location, and you won’t want to miss these in-house brews. Stop by Breakside Brewery today and try freshly distilled beers with a Portland twist.

2. Sasquatch Brewing Co.

6440 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97239

Go to Southwest Portland for a drink at Sasquatch Brewing Co., a family-friendly pub with casual vibes. The beers are down-to-earth, traditional brews, and the brewers rotate seasonal flavors. They make their beers on-site, but you can also try cocktails and wine.

Dig into a hearty burger and pair it with a refreshing Oregon beer, or go for a local cider. The staff source local ingredients and bring a fresh, regional touch to every drink. 

3. Culmination Brewing

2117 NE Oregon St
Portland, OR 97232

Culmination Brewing is a modern microbrewery with local snacks. It’s in the Kerns district, right off the Banfield Expressway, and it’s one of the best places in Portland for a dark brew.

The brewery is famous for unique, nontraditional drinks, and you can try a light, fruity beer if a heavier brew isn’t your style.

The Blackberry Cobbler draft beer is fantastic, but you can’t go wrong with a Belgian Blonde.

4. Ecliptic Brewing

825 N Cook St
Portland, OR 97227

Ecliptic Brewing is a brewpub with modern drinks. It’s in the Boise neighborhood, and the brewery has a funky celestial theme. 

Try space-themed drinks like a Starburst IPA, Cloud Core Pale Ale, or Carina Peach Sour Ale. The classic burger with Tillamook cheese goes well with their barrel-aged bourbon. Don’t forget to try the chocolate s’more tart!

There’s always something going on at this cosmic brewery. Check the calendar and attend a fun event like a pub quiz night, beer festival, or live music.

Ecliptic Brewing opened its second location in the former Base Camp Brewing space.

best-breweries in portland oregon
Pictured is the now-closed Base Camp Brewing.

5. Ruse Brewing

4784 SE 17th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97202

Ruse Brewing is a friendly joint in the Brooklyn district of Southeast Portland. This brewery is perfect if you’re looking for a chill, intimate environment, and it’s casual, low-key, and has fantastic customer service.

Drink a fresh brew in the taproom or order beer to go. The taproom has a diverse selection of music, and you can hear everything from rock to jazz to bluegrass. Make sure to try a smoothie beer, a creative house specialty.

breweries in portland
Classic view of Portland’s skyline

6. The Study by ForeLand Beer

2511 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97214

Visit the only beer garden in the area, The Study by ForeLand Beer. It’s a cozy space in Sunnyside, Portland. The Study pushes the limits of a traditional beer garden, and you’ll find a relaxing atmosphere, laid-back staff, and a coffee shop vibe at this brewery.

This brewery is in a renovated antique house, and the taproom is famous for light ales and lagers. Try an award-winning Rain Harvester farmhouse ale or a bitter Gatehouse brew.

7. Ex Novo Brewing Co.

2326 N Flint Ave
Portland, OR 97227

Ex Novo Brewing Co. is a casual brewery in the Eliot neighborhood. It’s right across from Lillis Albina Park, and the taproom has a relaxed atmosphere and rustic wood decor. Enjoy deals when you visit for daily happy hours or rent the space for a private event.

Ex Novo’s collaboration brews set it apart from other breweries in the area. They collaborate with local breweries from Portland and Salem to craft unique, regional beers you can’t find anywhere else.

8. Baerlic Brewing

2239 SE 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

You have to visit Baerlic Brewing if you’re in the Hosford-Abernathy area. It’s a welcoming spot with pizza, fresh-brewed beer, and good vibes. The open space has plenty of seating, but it still retains the cozy atmosphere you look for in a brewery.

Baerlic Brewing is independently-owned, award-winning, and it’s authentic to the core. Pair a Night Howler imperial stout with an aged mozzarella pizza. The brewery partners with Ranch Pizza to bring you the best meal experience in the area.

9. Gigantic Brewing

5224 SE 26th Ave
Portland, OR 97202

Gigantic Brewing is a low-key brewery in Portland’s Reed district. It has house-brewed beers with hip titles and unique flavors, like the Sassy Pony Juice Pale, a tropical citrus brew, and the Glow Cloud, a soft and fluffy drink.

The brewery is at the front of new and cutting-edge drinks in Portland, and you have to visit and grab a bottle or two.

Gigantic Brewing also serves guest ales, and everything is local. Check out this newer brewery and give these creative drinks a try.

10. Von Ebert Brewing

131 NW 13th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

Von Ebert Brewing is in the heart of the iconic Pearl District, just off the Stadium Freeway. It’s different from other Portland breweries because it has a full kitchen with pizzas, burgers, and smoked meats.

Try authentic German, Czech, and Belgian beers at this informal brewery.

The owners are committed to serving traditional beers with a modern twist, like the As Only Earth Could Conjure beer. It’s a Polish drink with high carbonation that makes for a fun brew.

11. StormBreaker Brewing

832 N Beech St
Portland, OR 97227

StormBreaker Brewing is in Boise, Portland, just across from the Overlook district. It’s a local staple with a fire pit, hearty pub food, and award-winning craft beers.

Order shareable plates for your table, like hush puppies with jalapeno pepper jam or crispy fried onions with ranch. Try a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich with housemade sauce, and pair it with a dry Mississippi Red to drink.

StormBreaker rotates in-house beers on tap. Visit today to find out what’s new!

12. Migration Brewing

Multiple Locations

Head to the Kerns district in East Portland to check out Migration Brewing. Or, visit the Williams location closer to Downtown Portland. Both spots are casual and have open-air patios, and you can beat the summer heat with a cold brew.

The aromatic Straight Outta Portland beer is a crowd favorite. Bring your pup along, and the staff will provide dog bowls and treats, or drive by and pick up some beer. Migration Brewing serves filling meals like buffalo chicken wraps and spicy pizzas.

13. Cascade Brewing Barrel House

939 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97214

Cascade Brewing Barrel House is a Portland staple with worldwide acclaimed beers. Order sandwiches and small plates alongside an assortment of sour beers at this East Portland brewery.

The menu suggests pairings like the amaretto caramel donut holes with a Close Confident strong ale or the spring pasta with Sang du Chêne to drink. The garlic macaroni and cheese is another local favorite.

Stop by for trivia night or enjoy dessert in the casual atmosphere. Cascade Brewing has something for everyone, and it’s beloved in Portland for a reason.

14. Away Days Brewing Co

1516 SE 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Away Days Brewing Co is in East Portland, next to the Helium Comedy Club. It’s a women-owned brewery with bright, crisp beers and small British-style bar plates.

The owners hail from England and Germany, and their distinctly European touch makes Away Days stand out from other Portland breweries. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, and you can try British pub food like Lancashire butter pie, bangers and mash, and sticky toffee pudding.

Join the beer club for monthly deliveries of new brews!

15. Occidental Brewing Company

6635 N Baltimore Ave #102
Portland, OR 97203

Occidental Brewing Company is in the St. Johns neighborhood of North Portland, near the University of Portland. The brewery is by the Willamette River, and you can sip a brew after hitting the local hiking trails.

Sit on the outdoor patio and try a continental-style Oregon beer. Or, drink a traditional German brew. All beers in-house brews, and they ship to stores throughout the country.

Order soft pretzels and a tasting flight tray to sample all the beers. The Rauch Helles light beer is one of the best brews.

16. Wayfinder Beer

304 SE 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Wayfinder Beer is a brewery and beer hall in East Portland. The historic warehouse makes it different from other breweries, and you’ll love the rustic atmosphere.

The brewery has an old-fashioned taproom that’s great for events. Or, take a small group and sample freshly brewed beers. 

This brewery has won many awards and is a favorite with locals. Visit today and enjoy beers made with a blend of old and new brewing techniques.

17. Upright Brewing Company

240 N Broadway
Portland, OR 97227

Upright Brewing Company is an upscale, artisan brewery in Portland’s Lloyd District. The tasting room is in a renovated antique space, and the beer’s artwork is just as important as the brew.

The owners brew the beers in small batches, and you can taste the handcrafted touch. They release brew labels with local artwork, and each beer has a personal aesthetic. Try the Fantasia beer for a fruity, peach flair or the Midwest Wheat for a summer ale with a smooth texture.

18. Little Beast Brewing 

3412 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202

Little Beast Brewing is a casual brewery in the Richmond neighborhood. It’s a beer garden-style spot with pub bites, beers, and ales, and it has an open-air patio, so you enjoy the cool breeze while you drink.

Enjoy food from Lawless Barbeque in the brewery. Try the loaded barbeque nachos, brisket sandwich, or Beyond burger. You can’t go wrong with a Country Wizard beer or classic Little Beast lager. And of course, don’t forget the trademark banana pudding.

breweries in portland oregon

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Which Brewery is on Your List?

Portland is full of fantastic breweries, from women-owned British pubs to modern brewpubs with cosmic drinks. There’s something for everyone, and you can sip fruity ales or enjoy rich lagers. Visit Portland’s best breweries today!

Have a Portland brewery to add? Please share it in the comments!